Sequence Stratigraphy

Summary of Sequence Stratigraphy
Research Group Meeting
AAPG Annual Meeting, Calgary, Canada, June 20, 2016

This group had only a small attendance mostly due to the lack of a specifically circulated agenda. However, the small group had an intense discussion about updating the SEPM STRATA website ( . The website was originated by Chris Kendall to discuss and supply content to help explain and teach sequence stratigraphy, along with some other select topics close to Chris’s heart. We also discussed a couple of other non-science but certainly relevant items.
SEPM recent president, Janok Bhattacharya, (now past-president), initiated a project to update the STRATA site and focusing a lot of the content on both sequence stratigraphy and expanding the depositional systems and paleontology areas. John Howell (Aberdeen) will be working with the STRATA committee to see about adding content from the long standing SAFARI industrial consortium project ( ). John has been able to get the consortium to release some of the outcrop data in the system and we all think STRATA would be a great place for this content and hopefully others would be able to add additional content to the database.
Additional discussion on sequence strat included plans to have some tech sessions or the SEPM Research Symposium be tied to the anniversaries of the AAPG Memoir 26 and SEPM Special Publication 42 both of which were milestones in the development of sequence strat. SEPM has been a prolific publisher of sequence stratigraphy content, including Concepts in Stratigraphy and Paleontology 7, 8, & 9. The 2017 ACE Technical Program Committee is working with an overall goal to have a lot of sequence strat content.
Finally, a slight divergence into the somber state of the industry, especially at the Calgary meeting, where there have been significant layoffs. People that have been heavily involved with company recruiting felt that anyone that had a significant ‘time off’ period, whether within their career or just after graduation would have a much better resume if they had continued to be involved with the science, even as a volunteer, like doing what has been called ‘citizen science’. This type of volunteer work has largely involved having volunteers to log in to a site that allows people to help ‘digitize’ handwritten notes, descriptions, etc. into typed digital documents, often capturing data that otherwise would be lost. We all saw a potential for SEPM to develop such a program with ‘boxes’ of data that Howell has on outcrops from around the world and other sources of such data supplied by geoscientists globally.

Plans to have a more robust and specific agenda for the 2017 ACE meeting in Houston was agreed upon.

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