March 2013, University of Houston, Houston, Texas, USA

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"Last Minute" Information

updated 06 March, 2013

From the Chair of the Technical Committee:

  1. All talks are limited to 15 minutes, with the exception of our three invited keynote lectures. Please plan on 12 minutes for your presentation with a couple of minutes for questions.
  2. Loading your powerpoint presentations:  Please deliver a USB drive with your ppt. files  20 minutes prior to the start of the morning and afternoon sessions so that the session chairs can load your powerpoints.  For Tuesday and Wednesday if you want to load them early and time is available just ask the session chair to load it into the appropriate session folder. 
  3. Poster panels are 8 ft. wide (2.4 m) by 4 ft. high (1.2 m). Each presenter will be limited to a single panel. Please plan your poster layout accordingly.
  4. Poster Positions:  Please refer to the poster map at: This map is subject to minor adjustments and the Site Committee will have folks available to help you this.


From the Chair of the Site Committee:

  1. Transportation in Motor Coaches from the Hilton University of Houston will be provided to the Houston Museum of Natural Science and back to the campus after the museum dinner and talk on Tuesday evening.  All participants are encouraged to take part in this by going to the Hilton after the meetings on Tuesday where they can catch the bus. It will not be practical to return to other hotels during rush hour.  After the Museum visit and dinner the buses will be able to return you to the Double Tree Hobby Airport Hotel.

  2. For those requiring handicap assistance traveling between the Hilton and the Lecture hall please contact me so I can give you further instructions:


From the Chair of the Field Trip and Course Committee:

  1. Check online for updated field trip information regarding overnight parking.   
  2. A van will be scheduled to pick up attendees of the K/P Field Trip on Saturday at the Double Tree at Hobby Airport about 15 minutes prior to the UH Hilton departure time.


From the Chair of the Accommodations Committee:

  • Alicia Kahn will contact all of those at the Double Tree Hobby Airport Hotel location about available carpooling from that site.

General Information

The North American Micropaleontology Section (NAMS) is proud to announce that it will once again sponsor a Geologic Problem Solving with Microfossils Conference at the University of Houston on March 10th-13th, 2013. Microfossils III will be the third in the NAMS-SEPM Microfossils Conference series that was initiated in 2005 and is held every four years.

The Microfossils conference series is a unique meeting concept because of its broad focus on the use of microfossils for solving geological problems. Session themes are intended to span chronostratigraphy, paleoclimate, paleoceanography, environmental quality assessment, evolution and new technologies, among others. Submissions are not restricted to a particular microfossil discipline either, but are open to all disciplines – calcareous, agglutinated, siliceous, organic-walled, protozoan and metazoan alike. Attendees of past meetings have said that the “open” problem solving theme of the conference and the broad participation of specialists from varied disciplines creates a rich environment for collaboration, and the sharing of ideas and knowledge.

The Microfossils III Technical Committee has selected technical session themes that are intended to reflect today’s broadening application of micropaleontology with the hopes of attracting a diverse spectrum of oral and poster presentations. The ten technical session themes for Microfossils III are:

  1. The Microfossil Record of Major Oceanic Events
  2. Microfossils and Unconventional Resources: The New Frontier
  3. High-resolution Biostratigraphy, Chronostratigraphy and Geo-chronology
  4. Reconstructing Past Environments Using Microfossils
  5. Environmental Monitoring and Ocean Chemistry Proxies
  6. Paralic and Lacustrine Micropaleontology
  7. Microfossils and Biofacies Analysis: Applications and Challenges
  8. Paleoclimate, Paleoceanography and Relative Sea-level Change
  9. Taxonomy, Phylogeny and Evolution
  10. New Technologies and Techniques in Microfossil Studies

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Registration Information

Conference, worksop, and field trip registration are managed for Microfossils 3 by SEPM. Please click the link below to access the registration page:


Registration includes two lunches, a plenary dinner and lecture at the Houston Museum of Natural Science, and transportation between the conference hotel and museum.

Registration by January 25, 2013: $300 professionals $75 students
Registration by February 22, 2013: $350 professionals $175 students
Registration at the meeting: $400 professionals $200 students
Plenary Dinner for Guests:     

A suite of 4-hour workshops is being offered for the conference on March 13 and 14. Conference attendees can choose from these on the SEPM M3 registartion page. Cost, per course, is $50.00 professionals and $25.00 students.
Two field trips are currently planned. The pre-conference trip (March 9) will examine the Brazos River K/Pg section and stop at the IODP repository. The post-conference trip (March 14 through 16) will visit Cenomanian / Turonian outcrops near Del Rio Texas., one pre- and one post-conference.

Please visit the Workshops and Field Trips page for more details. Attendees can register for these on the SEPM M3 registration page.


Student Financial Assistance

Student Travel Funds, up to $500, are available for a limited number of students planning to attend the Geologic Problem Solving with Microfossil III Conference, March 10-13, 2013 at the University of Houston in Houston Texas. Please read the following information regarding eligibility, application, and deadlines.
  • First author on an abstract for either a paper or poster presentation.
  • Successfully submitted an abstract by the December 15 deadline.
Evaluation Criteria
  • Selection preference will be given to students who have limited funding resources from research grants, or travel support from your academic advisor, department, or institution.
  • Your academic advisor must certify that you have limited resources to attend the Microfossils III meeting.

We expect to notify awardees around January 5, 2013.
Please click this link for an application form.


Organizing Committee

The Microfossils 3 Conference is organized by NAMS-SEPM, the North American Micropaleontology Section of the Society for Sedimentary Geology.

General Committee Chair: Don Van Nieuwenhuise, University of Houston
General Committee Co-Chairs: Dave Watkins, University of Nebraska
Jason Crux, BHPBilliton
Site Committee Chair: Jason Lundquist, BP
Housing Committee Chair: Alicia Kahn, Chevron
Sponsorship Committee Chair: Iain Prince, Shell
Food & Entertainment Committee Chair: Nancy Engelhardt Moore, Ellington and Associates
Technical Committee Chair: Mark Leckie, University of Massachusetts
Courses & Field Trip Committee Chair: Richard Denne, Marathon
Proceedings Volume Committee Chair: Thomas Demchuk, ConocoPhillips
Publicity Committee Chair: Anthony Gary, Energy and Geosciences Institute, University of Utah
Web Site: Pete McLaughlin, Delaware Geological Survey, University of Delaware