March 2013, University of Houston, Houston, Texas, USA

Workshops and Field Trips

A suite of 4-hour workshops is being offered for the conference on March 13 and 14. Conference attendees can choose from these on the SEPM M3 registartion page. Cost, per course, is $50.00 professionals and $25.00 students.
Two field trips are currently planned. The pre-conference trip (March 9) will examine the Brazos River K/Pg section and stop at the IODP repository. The post-conference trip (March 14 through 16) will visit Cenomanian / Turonian outcrops near Del Rio Texas., one pre- and one post-conference.

Attendees can register for these offerings on the SEPM M3 registration page.


Wednesday pm 13 March (1-5pm)
StrataBugs [Instructors: John Athersuch, Paul Britton, and Rosa Britton]. The instructors intend to offer a hands on session for participants with laptops at the end of their workshop. Room SEC 201
SEC 202 Overview of Paleozoic Microfossils: Conodonts, Graptolites, and Acritarchs [Instructors: TBD]
Thursday am 14 March (8:30-11:30am)
Statistics and Sampling Theory [Instructor: Anthony Gary and Lawrence Febo] Room SEC 201
TimeScale Creator and the 2012 Time Scale [Instructors: Jim Ogg and Felix Gradstein] Room S&R 1 220
Thursday pm 14 March (1-5pm)
Palynology for Non-Palynologists [Instructors: Katrin Ruckwied and Thomas Demchuk] SEC 202

SEC = Science and Engineering Classroom Building
S&R = Science and Research Building 1 (next to SEC)

Costs: $50.00 professionals, $25.00 students, per course

Field Trips

Field Trip 1: K/Pg Boundary in Core and Outcrop, March 9, 2013

Pre-meeeting: Saturday, March 9
Limit: 20 participants
Costs: $135 professional, $40 student
Leaders: Kirt Campion, John Breyer, Erik Scott, Richard Denne (Marathon Oil)

This trip will focus on the K/Pg boundary both the subsurface and in outcrop.  In the morning we will visit the IODP core repository in College Station, TX to view cores from Gulf of Mexico sites 536 and 540. In the afternoon we will visit the famous and controversial Brazos River section where the leaders will be presenting a fresh look at the sedimentology of the outcrops.

This trip is currently sold out.

Itinerary: NAMS Brazos K/Pg Boundary Field Trip

Saturday, March 9
  • 7:00 am: Meet at UH Hilton hotel to load vans
  • 9:00 am: Arrive at ODP in College Station, tour facilities and examine cores from DSDP sites 536 and 540
  • 11:00 am: Leave for Calvert
  • 12:00 noon: Sack lunch at Virginia Park in Calvert
  • 12:45 pm: Arrival at Brazos Rose Ranch, divide into small groups to examine river and creek outcrops
  • 4:15 pm: Reconvene for group discussion
  • 7:00 pm: Arrive back at UH Hilton hotel Costs of transportation and lunch are provided.

Please let the organizers know if you have dietary restrictions ( These outcrops are in the beds of the Brazos River and tributary creeks. Participants should be prepared for muddy conditions – wading boots and appropriate weather gear are STRONGLY encouraged. This trip may have to be modified if weather or river conditions cause it to be unsafe at the outcrop.

Field Trip 2: Eagle Ford Shale, March 14 – 16, 2013

Post-meeting: 1:00 pm Thursday 14 March through Saturday 16 March
Limit: 40 participants, minimum of 20
Costs: $600 attendees / $700 non-attendees
Leaders: Scott Staerker and Lawrence Febo (BP)

Registration for the Eagle Ford Field Trip will close to new participants on Friday, March 1.

** Participants and those considering registering should read the Frequently Asked Questions at the link below. **

Additional note re: parking. The staff of the UH Hilton has indicated that their guests who check out of the hotel to go to the Eagle Ford trip will have to move their cars over to the visitor parking lot. The visitor parking lot will be cheaper and should be just as safe for the whole meeting.

This trip will travel by bus to the Del Rio, TX, area to examine outcrops of the Cenomanian / Turonian Eagle Ford Formation. This formation has recently become the focus of considerable industry interest. This trip will visit the closely held Lozier Canyon section, and there will also be an opportunity to collect fossils from the Del Rio Formation and view ancient Native American pictographs.

Itinerary: NAMS Eagle Ford Trip

Day 1: Thursday, March 14
  • 1:00 pm leave from UH Hilton Hotel
  • 7:00 pm arrive at Del Rio Ramada, dinner at hotel

Day 2: Friday, March 15
  • 7:00 am leave for day in the field
  • 8:15 am arrive at Pecos river overlook for Regional Geology overview
  • 8:40 am stop at Del Rio Buda contact SB
  • 10:00 am arrive at Lozier trail head for hike to canyon - Buda/Lowermost EF
  • 1:25 pm stop for lunch in Langtry at Judge Roy Bean Museum (lunch provided)
  • 2:10 pm arrive at Rio Grande overlook - R.T. Hill plaque (time permitting)
  • 2:45 pm arrive at Osman Canyon trail head; walk through Upper EF
  • 4:40 pm arrive at Comstock roadcut to sample Lower EF
  • Overnight at Del Rio Ramada with dinner

Day 3: Saturday, March 16
  • 7:00 am, leave hotel for Comstock, Del Rio section
  • 8:00 am arrive at Comstock Del Rio section - fossil collecting
  • 9:30 am arrive at White Shaman archaeological site at Pecos River
  • 6:45 pm, arrive back at UH Hilton hotel
Trip registration cost includes bus transportation, hotel, dinner on Thursday and Friday, and lunch on Friday are provided.  Delegates are responsible for all other meals and expenses. All participants must have a rock climbing helmet; high, ankle-supporting boots; right to work or appropriate travel visas and passport. Attendees should remember not to sign up for Thursday afternoon workshops.

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