2008 Data Archive

January 2008, Volume 78, Number 1
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Oceanographic currents and the convexity of the uppermost continental slope
Neil C. Mitchell and John M. Huthnance
     Data Archive Files 1-4
     Figure DA3

p. 29-44
February 2008, Volume 78, Number 2
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Reconstruction of water temperature, pH, and flux of ancient hot springs from travertine depositional facies
John Veysey, II, Bruce W. Fouke, Michael T. Kandianis, Thomas J. Schickel, Roy W. Johnson, and Nigel Goldenfeld
     Supplemental Material

p. 69-76

Mississippian paleoocean chemistry from biotic and abiotic carbonate, Muleshoe Mound, Lake Valley Formation, New Mexico, U.S.A.
Franciszek J. Hasiuk and Kyger C. Lohmann
     Elemental and Isotopic Data

p. 147-160
August 2008, Volume 78, Number 8
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The magnitude of late Paleozoic glacioeustatic fluctuations: a synthesis
Michael C. Rygel, Christopher R. Fielding, Tracy D. Frank, and Lauren P. Birgenheier
     Data Table (xls)

p. 500-511

Deposit structure and process of sand deposition from decelerating sediment suspensions
Esther J. Sumner, Lawrence A. Amy, and Peter J. Talling
     Video Captions (pdf)

p. 584-561

Retention of high permeability during shallow burial (300-500 m) of carbonate grainstones
Susan E. Melzer and David A. Budd
Appendix 1

p. 579-593

Valleys that never were: time surfaces versus stratigraphic surfaces
Nikki Strong and Chris Paola
     XES 02 Slow Cycle (video clip)
     XES 02 Rapid Cycle (video clip)
     XES 02 Rapid Cycle on Falling Limb (video clip)
     XES 02 Rapid Cycle on Rising Limb (video clip)
     XES 02 Laser Sonar Scanner (video clip)
     XES 02 Stratigraphic Evolution---Strike (video clip)
     XES 02 Stratigraphic Evolution---Dip (video clip)
     XES 02 Stratigraphy---Strike (video clip)
     XES 02 Stratigraphy---Dip (pdf)
     XES 02 Stratigraphy---Strike (pdf)
     XES 02 Shelf Slope (pdf)

p. 579-593
October 2008, Volume 78, Number 10
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Detrital modes in a late Miocene wedge-top basin, northeastern Calabria, Italy: compositional record of wedge-top partitioning
Mirko Barone, Rocco Dominici, Francesco Muto, and Salvatore Critelli
     Appendix 1: Modal Point Count Data (Rossano Basin)
     Appendix 2: Modal Point Count Data (Crotone Basin)
     Appendix 3: Raw and Recalculated Data of Conglomerate Clasts Counting

p. 693-711
December 2008, Volume 78, Number 12
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U-PB ages of detrital zircons in relation to paleogeography: Triassic paleodrainage networks and sediment dispersal across southwest Laurentia
William R. Dickinson and George E. Gehrels
     Appendix 1: Sample Localities
     Appendix 2: U-Pb Analyses

p. 745-764

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