2007 Data Archive

February 2007, Volume 77, Number 2
Heterogeneity in geochemical expression of subaerial exposure in limestones, and its implications for sampling to detect exposure surfaces
     Bethany P. Theiling, L. Bruce Railsback, Steven M. Holland, and Douglas E. Crowe,
p. 159-169
March 2007, Volume 77, Number 3
Evolution of turbidity currents deduced from extensive thin turbidites: Marnoso Arenacea Formation (Miocene), Italian Apennines
     Peter J. Talling, Lawrence A. Amy, Russell B. Wynn, Graham Blackbourn, and Oliver Gibson
     Appendix 1.1 List of Sections.doc
     Appendix 1.2 Location Map.cdr
     Appendix 2 Provenance Summary.xls
     Appendix 3 Transects Map.cdr
     Appendix 4.1 Ridracoli Thick Beds.cdr
     Appendix 4.2 Santerno Thick Beds.cdr
     Appendix 4.3 Pietralunga Thick Beds.cdr
     Appendix 4.4 Isola Thick Beds.cdr
     Appendix 4.5 Pianetto Thick Beds.cdr
     Appendix 4.6 Civorno Thick Beds.cdr
     Appendix 4.7 Borgo Pace Thick Beds.cdr
     Appendix 4.8 Cross Stream Thick Beds.cdr
     Appendix 5.1 Ridracoli Thin Beds.cdr
     Appendix 5.2 Santerno Thin Beds.cdr
     Appendix 5.3 Pietralunga Thin Beds.cdr
     Appendix 5.4 Isola Thin Beds.cdr
     Appendix 5.5 Pianetto Thin Beds.cdr
     Appendix 5.6 Civorno Rullatto Thin Beds.cdr
     Appendix 5.7 Borgo Pace Thin Beds.cdr
     Appendix 5.8 Cross Stream Thin Beds.cdr
     Appendix 6 Correlation Summary.ai
     Appendix 7 Bed 0.2 Pinchout.ai
     Appendix 8 Cavalmagra High.ai
p. 172-196
April 2007, Volume 77, Number 4
Turbidite systems in the inner forearc domain of the Hikurangi convergent margin (New Zealand): new constraints on the development of trench-slope basins
     Julien Bailleul, Cécile Robin, Frank Chanier, François Guillocheau, Brad Field, and Jacky Ferrière
p. 263-283
June 2007, Volume 77, Number 6


Middle Permian telodiagenetic processes in Neoproterozoic sequences, Tandilla System, Argentina
Patricia Eugenia Zalba, Marcelo Manassero, Emmanuel Laverret, Daniel Beaufort, Alain Meunier, Martín Morosi, and Laura Segovia      

p. 525-538
July 2007, Volume 77, Number 7
cover image


Siliciclastic sediment across the North Queensland margin (Australia): a Holocene perspective on reciprocal versus coeval deposition in tropical mixed siliclastic--carbonate systems
Jason M. Francis, Gavin B. Dunbar, Gerald R. Dickens, Ian A. Sutherland, and André W. Droxler      
      Supplemental Table 1.pdf
      Supplemental Table 2.pdf
      Supplemental Table 3.pdf
      Supplemental Table 4.pdf

p. 572-586
September 2007, Volume 77, Number 9
journal cover


Climate change across continental sequence boundaries: paleopedology and lithofacies of Iglesia Basin, northwestern Argentina
Brian G. Ruskin and Teresa E. Jordan     

p. 661-679


Composition of modern sand from the Sierra Nevada, California, U.S.A.: implications for actualistc petrofacies of continental-margin magmatic arcs
Raymond V. Ingersol and Daniel J. Eastmond     
      Appendices 1-3.doc

p. 784-796
October 2007, Volume 77, Number 10
journal cover


Lower Cretaceous strata in the Lhasa terrane, Tibet, with implications for understanding the early tectonic history of the Tibetan plateau
Andrew P. Leier, Peter G. DeCelles, Paul Kapp, and George Gehrels  

p. 809-825


Paleoenvironmental and carbon-oxygen isotope record of Middle Cambrian carbonates (La Laja Formation) in the Argentine Precordillera
Fernando J. Gomez, Neil Ogle, Ricardo A. Astini, and Robert M. Kalin  
     Carbon and Oxygen Isotope Data
     Detailed Stratigraphic log and Sample Locations
p. 826-842
November 2007, Volume 77, Number 11
journal cover


Laurentian sources for detrital zircon grains in turbidite and deltaic sandstones of the Pennsylvanbian Haymond Formation, Marathon assemblage, West Texas, U.S.A.
James D. Gleason, George D. Gehrels, William R. Dickinson, P. Jonathan Patchett, and David A. Kring
     Appendices A-C text
     Table A1: U-Pb Geochronologic Analyses
     Outcrop Photo: Lemon's Gap
     Outcrop Photo: Allison Ranch

p. 888-900
December 2007, Volume , Number 12
journal cover




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