2006 Data Archive

January 2006, Volume 76, Number 1
Resources for paleoceanographic and paleoclimatic analysis: a 6,700-year stratigraphy and regional radiocarbon reservoir-age (delta R) record based on varve counting and 14C-AMS dating for the Santa Barbara Basin, offshore California, U.S.A
     Arndt Schimmelmann, Carina B. Lange, E. Brendan Roark, and B. Lynn Ingram
p. 74-80
May 2006, Volume 76, Number 5
Width and thickness of fluvial channel bodies and valley fills in the geological record: a literature compilation and classification
     Martin R. Gibling

     List of Appendices
     Appendix 1 References used in constructing the database
     Appendix 2 Using Excel to create and modify width:thickness diagrams for channel bodies
     Appendix 3A (1.2 Mb)
     Appendix 3B (1.6 Mb)
     Appendix 3C (1.3 Mb)
     Appendix 3D (1.3 Mb)
     Appendix 4 (1.2 Mb)
     Appendix 5 (916 kb)
     Appendix 6 (1.8 Mb)
     Appendix 7A (1.2 Mb)
     Appendix 7B (1.5 Mb)
     Appendix 8 (1.6 Mb)
     Appendix 9 (1.3 Mb)
     Appendix 10 Checklist for documentation of channel-body geometry
     Appendix 11 Key diagram for classifying fluvial bodies
     Graph and spreadsheet for braided and low-sinuosity rivers
     Graph and spreadsheet for meandering rivers
     Graph and spreadsheet for channels on megafans
     Graph and spreadsheet for delta distributaries
     Graph and spreadsheet for distal alluvial fans and aprons
     Graph and spreadsheet for crevasse channels and avulsion deposits
     Graph and spreadsheet for fixed river systems
     Graph and spreadsheet for channels in eolian settings
     Graph and spreadsheet for valley fills on bedrock unconformities
     Graph and spreadsheet for valley fills within alluvial and marine strata
     Graph and spreadsheet for valley fills in subglacial and proglacial settings
     Graph and spreadsheet for summary envelopes for types of channel bodies and valley fills
p. 731-770
August 2006, Volume 76, Number 8
Temporal variations of Meszoic sandstone compositions int he Qiangtang block, northern Tibet (China): implications for provenance and tectonic setting
     Kai-Jun Zhang, Yu-Xiu Zhang, Bang-Dong Xia, and You-Bin He
     Data Table 1
p. 1035-1048
September 2006, Volume 76, Number 9
Mudstone petrology of the Mesozoic Unkar Group, Grand Canyon, U.S.A.: provenance, weathering, and sediment transport on intracratonic Rodinia
     John D. Bloch, J. Michael Timmons, Laura J. Crossey, George E. Gehrels, and Karl E. Karlstrom
     Read Me.doc
     Bulk XRD.pdf
     Clay XRD.pdf
     Geochemical data.xls
     LPNORM output.doc
     Mineralogy data.xls
     Sample locations.pdf
     U-Pb plots.xls
     U-Pb raw data.xls
p. 1106-1195


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