2003 Data Archive

January 2003, Volume 73, Number 1
cover image Composition and discrimination of sandstones: a statistical evaluation of different analytical methods
     Hilmar von Eynatten, Carles Barceló-Vidal, and Vera Pawlowsky-Glahn

     Chemical Data.pdf
     Chemical Data.xls
p. 47-57
Microbialite formation in seawater of increased alkalinity, Satonda Crater Lake, Indonesia
     Gernot Arp, Andreas Reimer, and Joachim Reitner

     Appendices 1 and 2.pdf

p. 105-127
The recycled orogenic sand provenance from an uplifted thrust belt, Betic Cordillera, southern Spain
     Salvatore Critelli, José Arribas, Emilia Le Pera, Amparo Tortosa, Kathleen M. Marsaglia, and Kelly K. Latter

     Appendix 1.doc
     Appendix 2.pdf
     Appendix 2.xls
p. 105-127
May 2003, Volume 73, Number 3
cover image Integrating sandstone petrology and nonmarine sequence stratigraphy: application to the Late Cretaceous fluvial systems of southwestern Utah, U.S.A.
     T.F. Lawton, S.L. Pollock, and R.A.J. Robinson

     Appendix 1.xls
     Appendix 2.xls
     Appendix 3.xls

p. 389-406
July 2003, Volume 73, Number 4
cover image Three-Dimensional sedimentary architecture of a large, mid-channel sand braid bar, Jamuna River, Bangladesh
    James L. Best, Philip J. Ashworth, Charles S. Bristow, and Julie Roden

     Fig. 1 icon.jpg     Fig. 1.jpg
     Fig. 2 icon.jpg     Fig. 2.jpg
     Fig. 3 icon.jpg     Fig. 3.jpg
     Fig. 4 icon.jpg     Fig. 4.jpg
     Fig. 5A icon.jpg     Fig. 5A.jpg
     Fig. 5B icon.jpg     Fig. 5B.jpg
     Fig. 6 icon.jpg     Fig. 6.jpg
     Fig. 7 icon.jpg     Fig. 7.jpg
     Fig. 8A icon.jpg     Fig. 8A.jpg
     Fig. 8B icon.jpg     Fig. 8B.jpg
     Fig. 8C icon.jpg     Fig. 8C.jpg
     Fig. 8D icon.jpg     Fig. 8D.jpg
     Fig. 9 icon.jpg     Fig. 9.jpg
p. 516-530
September 2003, Volume 73, Number 5
cover image

Controls on geochemical expression of subaerial exposure in Ordovician limestones from the Nashville Dome, Tennessee, U.S.A.
L. Bruce Railsback, Steven M. Holland, Daniel M. Hunter, E. Michael Jordan, Jennifer R. Díaz, and Douglas E. Crowe      


p. 790-805

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